• How To Take Care Of Brazilian Hair

    How To Take Care Of Brazilian Hair

    You could say the internet is already saturated with a lot of articles on how best to take care of your Brazilian hair but you should know every woman is looking for something different. Buying a Brazilian hair unit does not end with the purchase as there are a thousand and one things to know about these weaves. Just like your natural hair which...
  • How To Wash Brazilian Hair

    How To Wash Brazilian Hair

    Do you know how to wash Brazilian hair? Or has it ever occurred to you that just like your natural hair, artificial hair extensions like Brazilian hair also need to be washed. Most often than not, whenever you get a new unit or probably a Brazilian wig, it's easy to overlook the need to get it washed. Yes, a lot of people fall into...
  • What Is Brazilian Hair

    What Is Brazilian Hair

    Gone are the days when wearing hair was only popular amongst African-American women and black women in general. In recent years, the human hair industry has exploded in popularity and the trend of women buying and wearing human hair is no longer particular to one ethnic group. The human hair industry is a huge one and according to Market Watch, by 2023 the hair...
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