How To Wash Brazilian Hair


How To Wash Brazilian Hair

Do you know how to wash Brazilian hair? Or has it ever occurred to you that just like your natural hair, artificial hair extensions like Brazilian hair also need to be washed. Most often than not, whenever you get a new unit or probably a Brazilian wig, it's easy to overlook the need to get it washed. Yes, a lot of people fall into this category and while this isn't intended to scare you, hair hygiene is something you ought to take personally. See the thing is, you probably have no idea where the hair has been or on whose head it came from and these are the things that should act as motivation to get it properly cleaned. Now there are other people who feel they'd get it wrong or damage the hair in the process of washing it or getting it cleaned but with the right technique and of course the right products, this shouldn't be an issue. So if you have been wearing that weave for over a year now without washing, you should get in here and learn how to wash your Brazilian weave at home. Contrary to what some people think, it is a quite an easy process.

Why You Need To Wash Brazilian Hair

So there are some reasons why it is absolutely necessary to wash your Brazilian hair extensions and we're going to name a few.

  • First of all the hair was clearly harvested from someone else and even though it has been to the hair factory and back, washing it could do a great deal of good. There could be lice on the hair or even chemicals used at the hair factory that could be dangerous or cause allergic reactions. There have been instances where people bought and used hair extensions without washing them and had tons of rashes or inappropriate skin reactions. A lot could go wrong without proper care of something as small as Brazilian hair extensions and you do not want to be caught in the middle of that. So by all means, washing it will get off all the foreign bodies that aren't meant to be on the hair in the first place.
  • Washing the hair will also help you see the true state of the weave. A lot of times, you may not really know the quality of a weave until you have had it washed. Washing and applying conditioner on to the hair will reveal if your money was worth it. It may look so good from the delivery box but you'd know if the hair is worth it when the texture is right after you have washed it because most times people can't tell if the hair is good quality by just inspecting it.

What You Need

Wash Brazilian Hair What You Need

So, when you finally decide to wash your Brazilian hair, there are a list of things you would need.

  • Hair Products : As much as this is a weave, it requires the same care you give to your natural hair if you want to keep it in good condition for a long period of time. So you would need to call in the Calvary. Shampoos, conditioners, creams and oils that will help the hair glow and improve the texture. Using different products at the same time could be a problem so it's best if you stick to one brand and let it breathe.
  • Combs and Hair Brushes : Since you'd need to prep and detangle the hair before you begin to wash, you would need some combs and hair brushes. You'd also need to use them after you have completed the process. These are essential.
  • Water : While some people alternate between lukewarm and cold, it is best to use water that is warm or a little more on the hot side so that it can conveniently take out all the dirt that maybe present in the hair.
  • Scissors : Sometimes, when washing your Brazilian hair, you may need to cut out fly aways or even split ends that the hair may have so you could style it properly.
  • Towels : Some people use towels to dry the Brazilian hair after washing for a while before letting it air dry but some people don't use towels at all. It all depends on how best your hair turns out when you do either. Using towels however may clean out some of the moisture that you want sealed in the hair but if you only air dried it, the moisture would get dried into the hair just fine. You could use a towel blot instead.

How To Wash Brazilian Hair Step by Step

Here an video about how to wash human hair weave

How to Comb the different texture of Brazilian hair weave

How To Comb Brazilian Hair Weave

Use wide-tooth comb gently brush you Brazilian hair. Brazilian curly hair please smooth the hair by hand. Do not brush the hair from the root to the tip, starting from the ends, comb it through and then from the middle, then finally goes from the top.

So while there are a lot of ways to do this as everyone has a peculiar way to get it done, we are going to go with the basics and this can be done in the comfort of your home.

Wash Brazilian Hair Setp By Setp

    1. Setp 01 First of all, detangle : When washing your natural hair, your first point of call is to detangle the hair so that you can wash it properly and so you could avoid knots in the hair. So what you need to do is run a wide toothed comb through the hair from the root down to the ends of the hair. If you notice that the hair is already tangling and you can't get it to detangle while it is dry, you could use a detangling spray on it before running the comb through it. Just make sure to get all the strands free before you start to wash the hair otherwise you risk damaging the hair afterwards.
    2. Setp 02 Prep the washing area : For some people a sink is the best area to wash your hair but other people prefer a wash basin. It all depends on your preference so you get to pick the one that works best for you. So whether the sink or a wash basin, fill it up with water. Now, if the water is too hot, it may just get the hair damaged but if it's too cold, you risk leaving dirt on the hair even after the process of cleaning is completed. So it would be best to leave it in the middle. A little cold water and a lot more of the hot water. If it were on a scale of 1 to 10, you could use 4 percent of cold water and 6 percent of hot water so it balances out well. The water shouldn't be lukewarm but should be warm enough to get all the dirt out of the hair.
    3. Setp 03 Immerse : After prepping the Brazilian hair and the washing area, the next step is to get all of the hair into the water. So totally immerse the hair in water and let it sit. While it is not advised to leave it in the water for a protracted period, letting it sit for say 10 to 15 minutes will get all the dirt out of the hair. You could turn it around a bit just to make sure the water gets into every part of the hair.
    4. Shampoo the Hair : After the hair is completely immersed in water, you'd want to take it out and pour out or drain out the water to make way for a fresh one. This is because it probably has a lot of hair products in it and you'd need clean water to wash the hair with. Fill the sink again with warm water and start apply shampoo to the hair. Be sure to use a brand that is mild on the hair and also helps you wash it thoroughly. You could stick with the one you use for your natural hair. So take a generous amount in your hands, rub them together and just start to apply it on to the hair. Make sure you get it on to the whole hair and massage it thoroughly. While you may not get to wash it like you would do your clothes or your natural hair, try to make sure the hair comes out clean but apply minimal pressure on the hair. Use more of your fingers to detangle while shampooing. When you're done washing, rinse it thoroughly so you can get all of the shampoo completely out of the hair. If you want, you could repeat this process again but this is usually if you feel the hair isn't as clean as you'd want it to be. If it's a new Brazilian hair that probably just arrived in the mail, you need not shampoo more than once.
    5. Let's move to conditioning : So, after rinsing out your shampoo, you'd need to condition the hair. Again, you need to choose products that are mild on the hair but can still give the hair the moisture it needs. So take out a generous amount of the conditioner and rub it between your palms before rubbing them onto the hair. Be sure to massage thoroughly and get all the strands completely covered before you grab a comb and start detangling. So with a comb, begin to gently detangle the hair from roots to ends and repeat the process until all of the hair is detangled and you can run your fingers through.
    6. Steam the hair : When the detangling process is done, grab a plastic bag and put the hair in to it. Now you want the product you have applied to penetrate the strands of the hair so, tie up the plastic bag and put it in the microwave. When this is done, you could set the timer to 1 minute or 2 but if you want to repeat it a couple of times, you need to give it some breaks in between. This is more like steaming the hair so the hair gets inundated with the products. When this is done, take out the hair from the plastic bag (it should look all silky now) and rinse out the conditioner using cold water. This is because you want to seal the products in to the hair so cold water is best. Be sure to get all of the conditioner out of the hair after which you could decide to apply a leave in conditioner for shine and hold. It could be a spray or a cream but either way this product stays on the hair and you won't get to rinse it out. After the leave in conditioner, you could apply any of the essential oils onto the hair so it shines when it gets dry. So take some of the oil and apply it onto your hands before you can gently apply it to the hair. Again, apply generously and comb through as you do. Allow the hair to be saturated by the oil but it should however be done in moderation as too much oil isn't so good either.
    7. Air dry your Brazilian hair : After the washing process, the next point of call would be to dry the hair. You could use a towel blot just to get some of the water out of the hair. Under no circumstance should you wring the water out of the hair. This could cause the hair to tangle and squeezing it as you would do your clothes is definitely not healthy for the hair. So by all means let it breathe. You could then dry it out with clips overnight or a blow dryer if you don't have that much time. However, leaving it on a stand to air dry is more mild on the hair strands as the heat from the blow dryer may not exactly be ideal for a freshly washed weave. The hair might turn out flaky when it eventually dries and you don't want that.

Washing Brazilian hair Weaves and Wigs

Brazilian hair

Are There Any Differences? You would notice that washing a Brazilian hair extension or weave is a lot different from washing a Brazilian hair wig. The texture is pretty much the same so you could say a greater deal of the procedure is also the same but there are some differences that should be noted before washing wigs.

Closures and Frontals

  • First off, wigs have closures and frontal that are made with wig caps and some products may not sit well with these. Lace wigs for example are very tender and so it's quite easy for them to be damaged by the products that are naturally ideal for your hair. This is something to note so as to be cautious when washing wigs.
  • Secondly, when washing wigs, you should be a lot more thorough than when washing weaves. The reason is because with wigs, your body oils are left on the wig cap itself and have probably dried off overtime. You should be mindful of the fact that you have sweat on the wig from over a week or month for people who don't wash regularly. So when washing, be sure to apply generous amounts of shampoo onto the cap directly before proceeding to wash it with your hands. Gently massage the shampoo onto the cap and make sure to remove all the dirt on the cap before rinsing.

How Often Should You Wash Your Brazilian Hair?

You could say this is subjective as it all depends on who's wearing the Brazilian hair. Usually washing your natural hair once or twice a week is good but you need to remember that the Brazilian hair is not attached to your scalp and as such does not need that much washing. Some people wash their weaves 2 to 3 times a month while others make it more often. If you have it installed, you could wait every two weeks before washing it. Again, it does depend on your line of work and the nature of your scalp.

If you have a Brazilian hair wig on the other hand, you might want to wash it more often because you'd have sweat trapped in there and it could smell bad. Washing it regularly does not however mean 2 or 3 times a week as that would be too soon and could damage the hair altogether. Basically, you get to choose what works best for you and make sure to stick to it as long as it helps you to keep clean. The aim is to use weaves and Wigs that are clean and comfortable so it is important to stick with that.

  • Trimming

Since you get to trim your split ends so your hair looks fuller, this also applies to your Brazilian weaves and Wigs. Sometimes you could get fly aways and split ends and you'd need to trim them to get the hair looking full and neat. This isn't something you could do without.

  • Letting go

You know when your hair gets all drab and nothing you do seems to work out? It may be because it's probably time to let it go and get a new weave. Everything has a timeline where it is at its best and when it exceeds, it becomes more of a liability. Be sure to watch out for such periods.

While it is important to wash that Brazilian hair before installing it, you should also inculcate the habit of keeping it clean.

The brief summary of washing Brazilian hair

    • Before wash, comb the human hair smooth by hand.
    • Soak into warm water (40°C/104°F) and gently wash the hair by hand with diluted proper shampoo.
    • Gently rinse along the direction of the hair curvature with the water till to be clean.
    • Press gently with dry towel to dry the water.
    • Maintain the curls smooth, air dry and avoid of direct sunlight.

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