What Is Brazilian Hair


Gone are the days when wearing hair was only popular amongst African-American women and black women in general. In recent years, the human hair industry has exploded in popularity and the trend of women buying and wearing human hair is no longer particular to one ethnic group.

The human hair industry is a huge one and according to Market Watch, by 2023 the hair market is projected to reach revenues of over $10 billion.

One of the most popular types of human hair in the market today is Brazilian hair. Women are buying these Brazilian hair weaves and wigs day in day out. However, not a lot of people know a whole lot about this product.

If you are one of such people, then you are in luck. This article will bring you an in-depth review of Brazilian hair to give you a better understanding of everything you need to know about this hair craze.

What is Human Brazilian Hair Weave?

So what is Brazilian hair? Brazilian human hair weave is one of the highest quality and the most popular hair bundles on the hair market today. The hair is so sought after because of its typical soft and silky feel, thickness, and durability. Because of its amazing characteristics and versatility, Brazilian hair can easily be suited to any style you want, be it a wavy, straight or curly style.

The origin of Brazilian hair has always been a subject of debate in the industry. As the name clearly implies, Brazilian hair is human hair weaves sourced from Brazilian women. True Brazilian hair extensions, like explained above are naturally soft, silky, thick and durable. You can install them as sew ins or as wigs and use them over and over again without experiencing tangling or frizzy hair.

Because of the high quality of Brazilian hair, they are considered as very precious weaves and are rare to come by. Thus, a lot of hair companies in the market try to pass off other hair extensions for Brazilian hair by packaging Indian or Chinese hair which have been processed to resemble the hair of Brazilian women.

However, as it is not the real deal, these other hair extensions are likely to lose its density and become frizzy with use. Nonetheless, you do not have to worry about that with us as Luvs Hair Brazilian hair extensions are 100% Brazilian, sourced from native Brazilian women living in the country. If you want to buy Luvs Hair Brazilian hair, please click the link: https://www.luvshair.com/

Different Types of Brazilian Hair

Having established what Brazilian hair means in the hair industry, next, we are going to look at the various types of Brazilian hair weaves in the market. Now, they are essentially 3 types of these hair bundles namely Human, Virgin, and Remy Brazilian hair. Below, we are going to review each type of hair and explain how it differs from the other.

What is Human Brazilian Hair?

Human Brazilian hair simply refers to natural hair extensions. Unlike synthetic hair fibers, human Brazilian hair is completely natural as it is grown by human hair donors, hence the name. The main difference between human Brazilian hair and a synthetic hair is in their versatility. While human Brazilian hair can be styled, permed and even dyed, the nature of synthetic hair does not allow for any of these.

The human Brazilian hair bundles are always in high demand in the market thanks to its luxurious, silky and soft feel with a natural luster. Now, there are two types of human Brazilian hair - Virgin and Remy Brazilian hair. This classification is based on how hair bundles are processed after they must have been sourced from the hair donors.

What is Virgin Brazilian Hair?

Virgin Brazilian hair is human Brazilian hair that has not been chemically processed at all. Basically, this means no perms, no bleach, no dye or wash using harsh chemicals. The hair was just left in the pristine and untouched condition as it came from the hair donor.

Talking about donors, the virgin Brazilian hair is typically sourced from just one donor. In essence, what this means is that every single strand in a bundle of this hair type was gotten from a single donor from Brazil.

Another distinct characteristic of this hair type is that all the hair cuticles in every bundle are aligned in the same direction. This is achieved by putting the donor's hair in a ponytail before cutting it off. As a result of this cuticle alignment, virgin Brazilian hair is very unlikely to ever tangle.

The virgin Brazilian hair is the highest quality of Brazilian hair you would find on the market which also explains why it is one of the most expensive human hair weaves. It is typically rated between 7a-10a.

What is Remy Brazilian Hair?

Another type of Brazilian hair is Remy hair. Unlike the virgin hair, Remy hair may be mildly processed, but nothing too excessive that would completely strip the hair of its natural characteristics. Nonetheless, Remy Brazilian hair is a high-quality weave and like virgin hair, it rarely ever tangles owing to the proper alignment of the hair cuticles in one direction.

However, in this case, the hair follicles may be manually aligned to all flow in one direction as a bundle may contain strands from more than one hair donor. The Remy Brazilian hair is usually rated at 5a-7a, below virgin Brazilian hair.

What Is The Difference Between Virgin Brazilian Hair And Remy Brazilian Hair?

Both virgin Brazilian hair and Remy Brazilian hair are human Brazilian hair. Although both terms are often used interchangeably, there are differences between the two hair weaves. Below, we are going to analyze the differences between virgin and Remy Brazilian hair weaves to help you better understand how they differ from each other.

Chemical processing

The major difference between virgin and Remy Brazilian hair is that while Remy hair is slightly processed using mild chemicals, virgin hair is completely unprocessed. The chemical processing, in this case, is not just applicable to what happens to the hair after it has been cut off from the donors head.

Usually, hair donors of virgin hairs do not even perm, dye or bleach their hair while they are still growing it. It remains untouched apart from the regular washing until it is cut and even then, it still left unaltered. Remy hair is likely to be mildly treated often to improve the texture and look of the hair.

Hair cuticles alignment

Both virgin and Remy hair are tangle resistant as their hair cuticles all flow in one direction. However, how the hair cuticles came about to flowing in the same direction is where the difference lies between the two types of human Brazilian hair.

When taking virgin hair from the donor, the hair is packed in a ponytail and cut off neatly. This way, all the hair cuticles are well aligned to flow in one direction. This is also easier to achieve as virgin hair bundles are taken from a single donor.

On the other hand, while the cuticles of Remy hair may all flow in a single direction, the cuticles are often manually adjusted to put them in alignment. This is because unlike virgin Brazilian hair where every bundle is from a particular donor, a bundle of Remy Brazilian hair may include hair from more than one donor. As such, the hair cuticles from one donor may need to be rearranged to be in alignment with those from another donor.


While both virgin and Remy hair are of very high quality, the virgin Brazilian hair is of higher quality than its Remy counterpart. This is evident in the rating where virgin hair is rated at 7a-10a while Remy hair is slightly lower at 5a-7a. Basically, the virgin hair comes as it is but Remy Brazilian hair is mildly processed to improve its quality.


Because of the demands of growing virgin hair (as the donors are expected to maintain healthy hair and refrain from using chemical products), this type of human Brazilian hair is rarer to find and is considered more precious than the Remy hair. As a consequence of its rarity and higher quality, unsurprisingly, the true virgin Brazilian hair is substantially more expensive than the more readily available Remy.

The Top 5 Most Popular Brazilian Hair Weave Hairstyles

Brazilian hair weaves come in a variety of styles that will easily give you a full stunning look without any additional styling processes. From straight weave hairstyles to the super curly ones, each style with its patterns and maintenance requirements. There are 5 popular weaves styles and we are going to analyze each of them below:

Brazilian Body Wave Weave Hairstyles

Brazilian Body Wave Weave Hairstyles

This hairstyle is characterized by big wavy ‘S’ shaped patterns. The hair is typically soft and very full and thanks to its big waves, it is also usually bouncy. It is available in a variety of lengths and you can make it into a lace wig or have as a sew-in. The luxurious feel of the Brazilian Body Wave Weave Hairstyle is something you should definitely experience if you are looking to buy a new weave. A Brazilian Body Wave Weave is simple to manage and style and you will find it quite easy to maintain the natural waves of the hair.

Brazilian Straight Weave Hairstyles

Brazilian Straight Weave Hairstyles

The Brazilian Straight Weave Hairstyle like the name implies is a straight type of Brazilian human hair. It is the simplest of all patterns here. This style is characterised by full and thick hair bundles which are also very silky and smooth to the touch. This hair takes quite well to heat and it can be flat ironed if you want it bone straight or curled to be wavy. If you are looking for a Brazilian hair weave for sew ins or lace wigs, then the straight hair style will make a great choice.

Brazilian Curly Weave Hairstyles

Brazilian Curly Weave Hairstyles

The Brazilian Curly Weave Hairstyle is similar to the curly hair pattern commonly found in people of mixed racial backgrounds, like in African and Native Brazilians. These people, known "Mulatto" in Brazil make up a considerable part of the population of the country so it is really no surprise that this curly hairstyle is one of the most demanded Brazilian human hair weave hairstyle in the market.

It is often very full and thick with tight curls which makes the hair bouncy. This is a high maintenance style as the curls require regular attention to keep them tight and in shape. If you want a soft curly hair that will last you for a very long time, then the Brazilian Curly Weave Hairstyle will do.

Brazilian Loose Wave Weave Hairstyles

Brazilian Loose Wave Weave Hairstyles

The Brazilian Loose Wave Weave Hairstyles has a resemblance to the body wave weave hairstyle explained above. However, while the body wave has bigger and looser waves, the waves on this hairstyle are relatively smaller and not as loose. Like others, it is usually very soft and full and provided you take adequate care of it, you can have bundles that will last you for as long as you want them too. Because of how well the hair takes to heat, you can always restyle the hair to get new curls as the old ones begin to wear out or whenever you need a different hairstyle.

Brazilian Deep Wave Weave Hairstyles

Brazilian Deep Wave Weave Hairstyles

If you want curly weaves but you do not want to go for something too curly that might be a bit difficult to manage like the Brazilian Curly Weave, then you might want to try the Brazilian Deep Wave Weave Hairstyle. Thanks to the soft and tangle-free nature of the Brazilian hair, it is easy to maintain the luscious curls of the deep wave weave without ruining its natural style. This hairstyle is fun and it can give you a voluminous and full head of hair without being too overwhelming. With the versatility of the hair, you never have to worry about your styling options.

Brazilian Hair Colors

Brazilian Hair Colors

Generally, Brazilian hair bundles especially the virgin hair bundles come in the color 1B (black), as they are untreated and unprocessed. Remy hair is often available in a wider range of colors, especially in black and a few shades of brown.

However, if you are not cut out for any of the above-mentioned colors and you would like to experiment with more colors on your Brazilian hair, the good news is that you absolutely can.

What Color can suitable for virgin Brazilian hair?

Black and brown hair is boring and dull. They look good no doubt, but every once in a while, when you feel like having fun or letting your wild side out, that your black or dark brown Brazilian weave will not do. Luckily for you, the virgin Brazilian hair handles color beautifully which gives you the liberty to dye your hair any color you like. Moreover, since it is basically human hair, anything you can do with your natural hair can be done to your hair extensions.

However, the question now is, do you know what color would be suitable for you? If you are at a loss for the hair color to dye your hair, then we can help you out. Below are the 5 trendiest and most popular hair colors for your Brazilian hair weaves.

The Top 5 Most Popular Brazilian Hair Color

#613 Blonde

#613 Blonde

Of course, we are starting off with blonde. The 613 Blonde is characterized by a bright golden color. This color can be worn by women of all skin types. Dark-skinned women who would like to try out this shade of blonde can add darker roots to the bundles so that the transition will be smoother and easier.

Ombre 3 Tone T1B/4/27

Ombre 3 Tone T1B/4/27

This three-toned ombre hair color start out with T1B, around the roots. The black of the T1B slowly transitions into color 4, a dark shade of brown in the middle and finishes out with the golden 27. This shade is perfect for all skin tones and the ombre gives you a chance to experiment with up to three colors without going overboard.

Ombre 1B/Grey

Ombre 1B/Grey

This Ombre combo of 1B/Grey can help you achieve that icy cold look that you want. The ombre starts out with dark roots before blending into an icy grey color. Whenever you are ready to hop the silver hair trend, this ombre look is the cool and cozy-chic choice to go for.



There is something sophisticated and sexy about burgundy as color and that appeal is only intensified with it is a hair color. That said, if you don't mind the deep dark red, then #99J is a hair color you should definitely try out. The rich burgundy color is versatile enough to be worn in both professional and casual settings. It is a subtle yet great way of staying up to date with the trend while maintaining a chic and sophisticated vibe.

Pink Brazilian Hair

Pink Brazilian Hair

If none of the above-mentioned colors interest you and you'd rather go for something more spontaneous and maybe even a bit edgy, the pink Brazilian hair would be a fun color to add to your collection of hair weaves. The modern trend of pink hair can help you showcase your fun and cool side in a simple yet chic way.

How to Take Care Of Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is top tier human hair. It is an extremely luxurious weave and just like your natural hair, it is important that you take good care of it if you want to maintain its softness, thickness, silkiness and natural shine. If you are unsure of how to take care of your high-quality Brazilian hair weaves, keep reading for tips on how you can take care of your care to preserve its strength and natural beauty and make its price a worthy investment.

Wash your hair bundles from time to time. Use a good hair shampoo and ensure that you rub it into all part of your weave. When you are done with the shampoo, wash it out thoroughly.

Next, go in with hair conditioner. Massage the hair conditioner into every part of your weave, from the roots to the tips, then let it sit in for a while.

After a while with the conditioner, begin to brush through your hair to detangle it. Start out from the tips and gently brush upwards until you get to the roots. This is only applicable to straight and wavy hair. If it is a curly hair or deep wave hairstyle, simply run your fingers through it.

Rinse out the conditioner after some time (unless it is a leave-in conditioner, in that case, you would let it be).

Then let your hair air dry. It is important to avoid applying excessive heat to your hair. So in instead of blow drying it, let it air dry.

Apply oil to your hair. (coconut oil is recommended or any other oil that you believe is good for your Brazilian weave). Oil application will give your weave that shine and lustre that it would have lost after a period of little to no care.

If it is a straight hair, you can flat iron it to give it that bone straight look and for wavy styles, you can simply curl it to achieve the curl patterns you want. Curly Brazilian hair will maintain its curls so you won't have to do anything to it.

When using heat styling tools like flat irons and curling tools on your hair, remember to keep it at a low heat setting that will not damage the texture of your hair.


And there you have it, everything you need to know about Brazilian hair weaves. This hair is the best type of human hair extension you can get in the market and although real human Brazilian hair weaves might seem relatively expensive, you will find them to be of unrivaled quality, worth the investment.

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