Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme, if you have other questions, please just send it to info@luvshair.com

It is recommended to have 3-4 bundles for a full head however, how many you should go for varies greatly and depends on 4 most important factors which are:

  1. 1. The type, quality and texture of the hair that you prefer.
  2. 2. The type and the kind of look that you are aiming to create. This could be natural or heavy like a Diva.
  3. 3. The length of the hair that you prefer. This can vary substantially. Some prefer short, some medium while some prefer very long lengths.
  4. 4. The actual size of your head.

If you are unsure about these things you can consult with your hair specialist and ask for her advice or you may contact us through email: info@luvshair.com and social media for consultation and advice.

Yes! As Luvs hair extensions are purely organic and are made from 100 percent human hair they can easily be treated like your hair. This allows you to lighten, darken, cut, straighten and curl your hair very easily without any problems. However, you need to look after and take care of them too at the same time as too much heating and curling will make your hair lose its freshness and would appear dry, tangled, rough and dull. It is for this reason, it is advised to always keep the temperature of your heating instruments below 150C.

Generally, the extensions last up to one year if you take care of them properly. As our products are made from natural Brazilian human hair their life is very much dependent on how you maintain them just like your natural hair. With regular styling, straightening, cutting and modification the hair is likely to get damaged and lose its freshness, therefore, it is highly recommended by us to not cut or sew through the wefts and avoid regular and constant modification of the hair. Moreover, if you have very curly hair you always need to keep your hair moist because they are more likely to get frizzy and dry. You do not need to use any complex hair products or oils to grease your hair. With our extensions, you can simply wash them more frequently with a conditioner to ensure they are silky, smooth and soft.

With every purchase, we provide our customers with a set of tips on hair care and hair maintenance to religiously follow to make the Luvs hair extensions always look silky, smooth, fresh, healthy and vibrant. These tips will provide you with the right guidance and will reduce and eventually eliminate the chance of any error that you can make while managing and maintaining your hair.

Yes. you can as our hair products give a high level of versatility. However, too much straightening will make your extensions lose their curly texture forever and your hair would permanently appear straight. Therefore, if you prefer straight hair over curly hair more often, it is advised to try our Brazilian straight hair textured bundles.

People in the market have different grade scales that are used to judge the quality of the hair. For example, the most common one is the grade scale of (4A-10A). A virgin hair is the highest quality of hair that is excellent in terms of consistency, appearance and, texture. It is pure and has a singularity in its donation. Remy hair is the one that focuses mainly on making sure that the cuticle of the hair or the outer most layer of the hair is in line. This gives the hair soft, silky and shiny appearance, consistency and texture. Remy hair is virgin hair mostly but not all virgin hair can be Remy hair. Our products are 100% pure human Virgin Remy Brazilian hair and we do not compromise on our quality.

The following payment methods are accepted:

1. Credit Cards such as Visa card and Master card

2. PayPal

3. American Express

Luvs Hair Extensions already come in various colors and shades that are natural- looking and trendy such as different shades of brown and black. However, we strongly recommend going to a professional for any sort of hair coloring and hair treatments to ensure the hair is not damaged and spoiled.
Hair Extensions mostly get tangled when the hair is not taken care of, not washed frequently, not brushed often or even it is brushed it is not brushed properly with the help of a comb that has wide tooth and when the dirt and dryness is built up in the hair so it loses its softness and moisture and ultimately becomes very frizzy and rough. When your hair loses its moisture the hair strands start entangling with each other. To efficiently solve this problem one should make sure the hair is always clean and moisturized. This is done by washing your hair at least two times a week with a shampoo and a conditioner and by oiling the hair with extremely moist and greasy coconut oil or olive oil.
As our products are 100% Natural Human Virgin hair the hair colors that we offer are very natural looking and are mostly available in varying shades of black and brown.
Tracking the order is fairly simple. You just need to log in to "My Account" to check the status of your order that is being shipped by typing your tracking number/ ID. You can only check the status once the order has been shipped and not before. The tracking number is provided to you once the product is shipped. If you face any difficulty in finding the tracking number you can simply contact our customer service department by emailing on info@luvshair.com.
Yes, this can be done if you order 3-4 bundles with either a closure or frontal and no extra money would be charged. The time taken to do so is 3 days and the wigs that are made according to the customer's needs and preferences will not be returned or exchanged. The length of the errors should not be more than 4 inches and the density should lie between 250-300%.
Even though they both are extremely different things they both have the same use and that is to close off a wig. With the help of these two things, one does not need to leave the natural hair out to blend with the hair extensions. Frontals are mostly bigger and wider and they tend to cover the entire hairline whereas closures are smaller and they tend to only close off the U portion of an install and can only be parted sideways or middle whereas Frontals can be parted anywhere and even be folded behind the ears. They both are either sewed or glued to give off a natural look.
If you wish to cancel your order you may contact our customer service department that will help you do it.
No, they do not damage your natural hair however, you need to take care of them and pay a lot of attention to their hygiene and maintenance daily
One can easily attach extensions by oneself at home as there are many extensions with clips available and offered however, someone’s help might make it easy and help to give a better and a neater result.
Payment may fail due to many reasons such as entering the wrong card code, you have inadequate balance or you may have exceeded the limit. You must check for these issues to find out the reason for payment failure and then fix the issue. If your payment is failure, you can contact us Email: info@luvshair.com . we can help you. Thank you.
Washing the Brazilian hair wig is important because you do not know where it is coming from and who has worn it so for hygiene purposes it is important to wash them once in a while. This can be done very easily by simply using hair products such as shampoo and conditioner as well as a scissors to cut the hair split ends and a comb to detangle the hair.
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