Personal Data Collection

We at ensure that your personal information is kept confidential. Whenever you register on our website or visit it, we collect some valuable information from the selections you make on our store while surfing. This helps us understand your choice of products and we try to show you products which are more relevant, personalized and according to your style and preferences.

Your personal information includes your phone number, your name, sex, e-mail, IP, your preferred language, the device you are logging in or registering from, the billing details, the address of where you want the product to be shipped and product choice. The best of our encryption tools are used to encrypt the information which our system collects. It is our utmost priority to keep your information really safe and for that, we regularly update our software security systems. We ensure that your information is in safe hands, no unauthorized persons can access it and neither can it get manipulated.

Registration and Ordering

Ordering a product and using certain features on our website requires you to submit your email address and some personal information as well. We can't fulfill your order unless we have some personal information regarding you. It is only for the sake of contacting you, to save you and the company from any fraud and so that the processing becomes much easier. Plus once you have entered your personal information for ordering or you subscribe to our newsletter and offers, you won't have to put in your information again for ordering purposes.

Email Addresses

You might be required to enter your email address at several sites on our website. You might be asked if you want to participate in a contest on our website. You will have to provide us with your email if you want us to send alerts when a new product is launched or receive codes for discounts. Sweepstakes may require some additional information too at times but it is totally your choice to participate or provide us your personal information. If you win our contest we may disclose your name or photo. You will receive our newsletter and any new upcoming contests via your email.

Using Your Collected Data

All the information we have regarding you is what you give to us. It is voluntary information by you which we use to make it a better experience for you while surfing online on our store. Here are a few ways we use your information:

  • We need to know the transaction details in case, you need the product to be changed or replaces.
  • So that we can communicate on a one on one basis with you.
  • We need to create your personal profile once you register on our online store so that a smooth transaction can be facilitated between us.
  • So that the next time you visit our store, we know better about your preferences and offer those products which might interest you.
  • The most important part, to improve our customer services and provide premium products and services for all our clients.

Our Communication with you

To ensure a smooth transaction, we keep in touch with you through SMS, or if you have downloaded our App, you can turn on the notifications. You get to know about new products, upcoming sales and also promotions. We often send you emails once you buy a product from us, these emails contain information like:

  • To check if your account details are all correct.
  • The confirmation details of your order.
  • In case some event happens on the way of your order.
  • A notification regarding the delivery of your order.
  • Any changes in the delivery address.
  • You also get to track your order. We provide full details about the courier service as well.

The frequency of emails you receive depends on how active you are, for instance, if you visit our website frequently we will be sending you more information regarding sales, promotions, the launch of our new products and if there is any upgrade in our policies. Moreover, the more regularly you visit our online store, the more we will be able to analyze your preferences and send you personalized products which might be of immense interest for you.


If you want to access all the features on our website, turn on your cookies, enable them from your browser's settings. Basically, cookies let us download your information so that we can optimize your online shopping experience whenever you visit our website. How this works is that whenever you visit our online store, a small file of information is saved and consequently it is retrieved from the medium you are using our website from, could be your PC or Smartphone.

There are two types of cookie settings which almost all websites use. Session cookies are temporary and the data stored is immediately erased as soon as you close our websites. Persistent cookies remain for a period of 24 months on the media you use to visit our website. However, these cookies only store the country you are currently located for shipping purposes and the shopping cart. These cookies are also used to check your login or log out status.

Erasing cookies from your PC or Smartphone isn't difficult. You can disable the cookies by easily clicking on the help option in your browser settings.

Children's Privacy

You need to be over 16 to use our website. We only let authorized users who are age-appropriate use our website. Child privacy is a very serious matter for us and if we come across any child of ages 13 and below registered on our website, we take immediate strict action and remove all the details. Parents are requested to keep a strict watch over their children while using the internet.

Why is privacy so important?

It's a triangle of trust between you, us and our third-party partners. This is to ensure a level of trust between our clients so that they know their personal information will never be manipulated. We only use personal data to make the online shopping experience enjoyable and authentic. At the end of the day, we would want loyal and potent clients and strict privacy and policies help us gain our client's trust.

Processing Of Information

Every transaction and every visit you make to our website we learn more on how to make the website more viable for you. Ways in which we could make your online shopping experience even better and this is totally voluntary information provided by you.

Delete Your Account

It is heartbreaking for us when you delete your account and it is hard for us to let go of our valuable customers but we also respect their decisions. Anytime you feel you no longer need your profile on our website, you can delete it and we will guide you thoroughly. You can unsubscribe to our emails, there is always a link provided below our promo and discount emails which say if you want to unsubscribe then click here. It will lead you to our customer care page where you can be asked why you would like to unsubscribe. Again your valuable feedback will help us improve our website. In case you want to delete your account, contact our customer support. Here our cooperative staff will inform you about your account deletion and when all your details are erased from our website.

Data Security on

How we secure your information?

Your financial information is secured by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) as traditionally used by various websites. This works by encrypting personal information of the user whenever information is sent by the buyers to the seller. Your credit and debit card information is something you should be really careful about. SLS functions in a way that the card details aren't tempered with by external parties and so that a safe and sound transaction is ensured.

This is also used to secure personal information as we know how confidential it is to be kept. Several safety measures are taken to protect your information and no one has access to it. If for instance, you plan on buying a product online, then only is permission granted to our specified employees to access your personal information. The physical security is taken care of by third party providing services for our hardware in computers. Since these security measures are compliant we rely on them.

However, as you know, transferring valuable information is not always 100 percent safe. We try the best from our end but we can't guarantee a 100 safe transaction. If you trust us with your personal information it is totally your decision to trust us with it. The best we do at our end is to keep it highly secure, we never sell, license or trade your valuable information at any cost! It is our responsibility to secure your personal information to the best of our ability. To improve our services and provide you the best of them, we engage third party partners to work with us.

Usernames and Passwords are unique for every client profile. The user name and password is the exclusive property of our clients who have their accounts on our website.

Working with Third Party Partners

To carry out tasks effectively and efficiently, we need some services by third parties so they work for us on several platforms. If they have any information regarding you, it is solely for helping out to provide better services. We sign an agreement with our third party partners regarding confidential information that it will be kept secure at all costs. Moreover, we use an encryption method whenever data is transmitted to strictly monitor a safe transfer.

For the Delivery

The third parties will need your name, phone number, address where you want to product to be shipped and sometimes your email address too so you can track your order. We use courier services like FedEx and DHL and some of the most efficient third party courier services so that your order reaches to you on time.


When you make a profile on our website, you will start receiving our latest products, promotions, and sales in your mail. Sometimes we also SMS our very special offers and discounts to our clients. However, you can unsubscribe to this by clicking a link at the end of each email we send you. Moreover, you can also email us on our customer support page and we will discontinue the notification for you.


We need to provide your card details to financial services third parties so that the payments can be further processed. Moreover, we also need to keep your information secure so in case we find out someone trying to trespass into your information or any illegal activities are caught, we will need to share your information with interrogative finance authorities.

Data Tracking

This is just to optimize the user's experience, your name, and identity isn't disclosed we only count the statistics of the number of products ordered or which product was most ordered during a specific season. We only share this information with our advertising partners.

Corporate Affairs and Business Affairs

Personal date is shared with relevant third parties, companies which are affiliated to us in specific. In case we plan to sell our business or reorganize or merge our business with another organization, we will need to share relevant data from our clients. However, these third parties are secure enough to trust your data with. We do keep in mind how important your personal information is and it should be kept confidential.

Rights to change the privacy policy

Our website holds complete rights to upgrade and make changes in our policies regarding security. As soon as any changes are made, we inform our clients through emails. When you visit our website, a notification regarding a change in privacy settings might also show up. We have a record of when we change our privacy policies and you can view the dates too, they are often mentioned with the change in the policies.

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