Shipping And Payment

At we try to provide the best solutions for hair extensions. We also try to serve the customers with an efficient payment system and shipment methods. It's our responsibility that the customers receive the best available products at the right time without any unusual delays. Getting an efficient payment system provides value to the customer, not indulging them in complexities.

Large Orders Are No Issue To Us

We have enough stocks as we are a large factory.

Luvs Hair has large places to stock up all the orders. We can take a large number of orders and store them efficiently. You just need to give us the period for arranging the products. The minimum time required to deliver an order is two days from the order placement.

Shipment Terms And Conditions

Customers need to understand the shipment terms and conditions before placing an order. We deliver as soon as we receive the payment. However, no delivery is carried out during the bank holidays or weekends. Our shipping is carried out by DHL and FedEx. It is fast shipping, usually 1-2 business days for delivery.

Although we try to get your hair to you as fast as humanly possible, please don’t order hair less than 48 hours before you need it! It's always best to give yourself at least a 2 week cushion before you need it to avoid any unforeseen circumstances that may delay delivery.

Tracking Of The Order

After you place an order and are done with its payment procedure then we provide you a tracking link. The tracking link is an added feature that enables you to check the current delivery and shipping status of your order. The link is accessible as soon as you click on that.

Custom Duties Disclaimer

We are not responsible for any duties, taxes, or additional charges that may be charged by Customs for any International deliveries. And of course we will do whatever we can do to help customers avoid paying taxes and duties. Usually we will put low amoutn in the invoice to avoid custom tax, but there might be some custom tax due to different policy in different countries (Especiall in South America and Africa). You could leave us message when placing order about how much value you want us to put on the invoice.

We suggest you to contact your respective customs office and ask about import regulations and restriction. As our experience, there are no duties, taxes or any other fees for customers from USA and most European countries.

About shipping address and telephone number

Please check your shipping address and telephone number very CAREFULLY when placing order. We will ask you entry telephone number when you checkout, because the goods arrive your local, the courier will confirm if you at home by your shipping telephone number before they deliver the goods to you. Sometime if you shipping address is incorrect or missing, the courier also will call you by your shipping telephone number so that they get new correct shipping address. That why we need your telephone number. We respect our customer privacy so much, we will never be disclose your personal information, you can read Luvs hair privacy policy.

Refund Policy

The customers need to understand the nature of the products that we are selling. They should return the product within a specific period allotted to them. If they don't abide by the mentioned time then they won't be refunded. Also, they need to make sure that the products must not be damaged. They should be in a similar condition to what they were when being shipped. Any damages will lead to no refunds.

Payment System


You can make payments via PayPal. Customers not having access to PayPal can use their credit cards to make payments. There should be a similarity between your billing and shipping address. Any attempt to conduct a fraud concerning the payment can lead to trouble. The company will have full rights to file a case against you. Customers having no access to the above-mentioned ways have other options as well. They can use western union and MoneyGram to make payments. But for this, they need to contact the company first and notice them about the system they will be using.

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