Luvs Hair Extensions Terms Of Use

Hello everyone! We welcome you to Luvs Hair for the best and unique experience. We understand the hair is a crucial part of a women's life which cannot be separated from her. We believe that hair adds beauty and is one of the most important reasons to enhance the beauty of women. That is why we are here to take care of your hair by giving you a unique and the most amazing experience you can ever have. We are here to provide you with our best and remarkable services so that you always stay satisfied and comfortable with us. Make yourself easy with us and take a step forward to enhance your beauty and spread glamor everywhere you go.

We believe in customer satisfaction:

We ensure that our final goal is customer satisfaction and building a strong customer relationship. Our customers are our priority and we care about their beauty and happiness. We will help them maintain their glamor by using quality products. These quality products are especially used to provide our customers is a safe and hygienic experience. Our motive is to work together as a strong team and make every bit of customer experience positive for them so that they trust us blindly and always think of visiting us when they want to maintain themselves. We provide services of hair extensions and that is why we are extremely particular about hygiene. We make sure that the hair we use is well shampooed, conditioned and inspected, always clean ready to be used. We do not guarantee the hair color and texture of the product as every piece comes from a different donor, so it varies.

For transparency of our services, we provide these terms and conditions. These policies are for your safety only because we want our customers to experience hygienic services as well. These policies will ensure you about the reliability of our services and will promise you to maintain your hair healthy. We do not tolerate situations related to fraud or any kind of deception in our payment methods. The policies have been stated clearly so we expect you to follow them and make all the transactions simple and easy for you and us as well.

Our Terms and Conditions Ensure Transparency:

We have clearly stated our policies to be transparent and keep them upfront so that there is no confusion. We do accept credit cards for the payment. Your credit card will be charged there and then whenever you make a purchase online. There is not a long procedure for this. Everything has been developed to be simple and easy for your convenience. If there is any sort of fraudulent buying observed them the matter is directed towards the law. Make sure that your billing address and shipping address are the same. If they are not then you will have to fill a Credit Card Authorization Form as documentation and send this before your shipment is ready to be released. You will be getting an order confirmation call and email from our representative. Make sure you give all your details accurately in the form so that there is no further delay in the shipment process. You can also track your order by the link given in the order confirmation details.

Disclaimer in hair texture:

Since there hair will be available from the different donor, therefore there will not be a 100% guarantee that the hair texture will be the same. There might be two different donors of one hair extensions and that is why the texture might differ. Luvs Hair will be provided with distinct hair due to this reason. You might even notice a difference when you compare the order you receive from the picture we have on our page. Do not dishearten yourself because the pictures here are for fun and to provide you with a basic idea of the overall look. We provide you will premium, high quality to make you look unique and beautiful.

Disclaimer in hair color:

Luvs Hair provides with virgin unprocessed hair which is available in all shades of natural colors. These shades include dark brown (2), dark brown with natural undertone and highlights (2B), black (1) and off black (1B). You may also choose to color your hair. This can be permanent, cellophane, semi-permanent and will lift naturally, giving a beautiful volume. We recommend this to be done by our professional stylist to give a more enhanced and glamorous look. Please note that any kind of dissatisfaction with the color texture will not lead to an exchange or refund.

Terms and conditions for payment:

We believe and appreciate the 100% transparency policy. We have kept our payment terms to be 100% clear and particular. We do accept and charge credit cards for your convenience. Make sure that you give accurate details on the order form when you are making an online purchase. We will not tolerate any kind of fraud and fraudulent process in the payment method. If any procedure is observed under fraud them the matter is directed towards the law immediately. Always make sure that the billing address and shipping address are accurate and the same. If there is any error found then you will have to fill a Credit Card Authorization Form. Send this document before the release of the shipment. Our representative will make an order confirmation call and send an email containing your order details. This will even help you to track your order once it is shipped and dispatched. Please note that once you have made the payment there is not space for canceling the order afterward.

Permanent User Account:

Luvs Hair wants you to make a permanent user account which will help you to order online whenever you want. Make sure you create only one permanent account and all the personal details mentioned must be accurate. If multiple accounts are created every time you make a purchase, those accounts will be suspended immediately to maintain the decorum. Please note that the buyer will have full ownership of the product once the product is dispatched and transferred to the logistics. Luvs Hair then will not take any authority of the order.

Order Receiving:

Your order will be received to you on the working days, which is in between Monday to Friday, and between our working hours. Our working hours are from 10 PM to 6 PM. We want your order to be revived to you safely and on the accurate mailing address. For this, we will need your corporation with us so that we make our services perfect for you. If there are any orders placed over the weekend, we make sure to dispatch them first, on the first working day which is Monday. If there is any holiday on that day or any uncertainty, you will be informed by us immediately.

Acceptance of Orders:

Luvs Hair has full rights to cancel some of the orders which we are not able to accept or fulfill them. This policy is made to ensure that there is no confusion at the last moment. We would not confirm the order if we find any limitations or unavailability of the product. We will have to take this step even if there is any error found in the pricing of the product or with the product code. Problems and issues related to fraud in credit card payment will also lead to the cancellation of the order. If there is no sufficient quantity of the product available, we have a right to cancel the order immediately. Once we cancel your order, our representative will call you right away to make sure that you know about the cancellation of the order. Sometimes we do ask for additional information while accepting your order if we find the given information is not enough or accurate. We do make a verification call so that we are successfully able to deliver the right product to the right customer. Please note that Luvs Hair is not responsible for the cases of late deliverance if the order is made for a special occasion or in urgency. For this, we appreciate and encourage our customer order beforehand so that the product is delivered to them on time. You will get confirmation when the product is delivered to you. We mean it if we say so because if the product is not delivered then we do not take responsibility for this. Luvs Hair requests its customers to cooperate by giving accurate information.

Availability of the product:

We care for our customers and want to make them happy. We will always mention 'Sold out' if the product is not available in the stock. You may leave a message, email us or call us if you want any notification to be dropped about the availability of the product. We do not have the policy to hold the product for any of the clients. The notification sent to you will ensure the courtesy with the client. We want our clients to get satisfied by getting what they want. Luvs Hair promises you to always make you satisfied and happy.

Product Return Policy:

We want to build a strong customer relationship and for that, we have some return policies. We offer this policy and cater to this in the first 15 days. This policy is to make the customers satisfied if they face the issue of size or quality. After 15 days, the return policy will be expired. We ensure that every piece and every bundle of the hair extension is processed vigorously. This is to make sure that our customers receive high-quality products and we leave no chances for any sort of complaint. Our sales are final because of the product's nature. Our primary motive and goal are to make our customers satisfied and that why we only offer 15 days return policy for them.

Tax Policy:

Our entire products are exclusive of tax. We request our buyers to make sure of this policy so that there are no misunderstandings at the time of payment. We want to keep this policy to be clearly understood by all the buyers to avoid any sort of conflict or unpleasant behavior. You will be mentioned the amount of tax on the receipt you will be receiving after you purchase so that you are clear that what amount of tax you will pay after the actual price. Luvs Hair wants the best for the nation and so does not discourage the policy of tax payment. We also want our customers to play their roles will full responsibility.

Exchange Policy:

We do not cater to exchange services to the customers if they want to change the color or if they find any issue with the texture of the hair. However, certain issues may cater to exchange services if the order received has size issues. Certain exchanges policies are therefore made on the following basis:

  • Make sure to request to exchange the product within 5 working days as soon as you receive the receipt. Exchange services will not be provided after 3 working days of the receipt.
  • Used products will not be exchanged. If the product has been brushed, cut or even washed it will not be exchanged in any case.
  • As per the Federal laws, we will not return any human hair product to ensure hygiene and health. If any hair bundle has been tried on or removed it will not be exchanged and therefore should not be returned.
  • Make sure that the product you exchange is of equal or greater value as no refunds will be given.

Failed shipments:

This policy has been made to ensure your convenience. We request you to please do not order your product on the deadline and order your product in advance. This will eliminate the chances of late deliveries and failed shipments. We will not be responsible if the shipment is not made on time. As mentioned in the above policies, the order will be shipped within working hours and working days only.

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